How We Rise is a project of the Brookings Institution, a nonpartisan, nonprofit research organization. We aim to better understand how Americans learn about and gain access to opportunities that can improve their lives—and we need your help.
Not all Americans can access opportunities. For some, opportunities are limited.


Beginning in May 2020, we are inviting people who live in Washington, DC to tell us how and who you seek information from about job openings, housing, education, health care, and child care. By telling us about the people and resources in your life that you look to for advice or assistance, you are helping to inform decision makers about the best ways to break down barriers and improve access to economic mobility in your community.

Use your voice! Share your story with us. A token of our appreciation for your time and cooperation will be mailed to you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of questions will you be asked?
The questions asked by HWR are designed to measure how individuals use their personal connections to access opportunities. You will be asked about who you discuss important matters with, such as child care, education, college and career readiness, jobs, and housing.

What if you do not want to answer a question?
You can pass on any question you don't wish to answer.

How long will the interview take?
Approximately 60 minutes.

Your privacy is protected.
Your name, address, or telephone number will NEVER be associated with your answers, which will be combined with those of other Washington residents taking part in the survey. All published results will be in summary form. We do not sell or share your information. No one will be able to access your responses and personal information. What you provide is protected by law from any disclosure.

Take this 5-minute survey to find out if you qualify.